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How to model a USB Memory Stick with 3ds Max

USB stick memory 3ds model

USB stick memory 3ds model

Hi people, from this tutorial we will learn how to create a USB Memory Stick with 3ds Max and Vray. We will learn not just how to model the memory stick but we will also create some basic materials and studio render. At bottom of tutorial you will find link to download sample of this tutorial in .max, .3ds, .obj formats.

Step 1:  From Create, Geometry create a Cylinder with the Radius of 1.5cm and the Height of 1.2cm. Changer the Height and Cap segments to 1 and the Sides to 70.

Step 2: To convert the cylinder to Editable Poly right click on the screen, select Convert to and click on Convert to Editable Poly.


Step 3: In Selection rollout menu click on Vertex, select half vertices from the right and using the Select and Move tool move the vertices to the right about 8cm.

Step 4: Select the top and bottom polygons in Polygon selection mode.

Step 5: Click the little box next to Inset and inset the polygons with an amount of 0.6cm.

Step 6: In Edge selection mode select the two edges selected below and click on Loop.

Step 7: Chamfer the looped edges with an amount of 0.5cm and 12 Segments.

Step 8: In Vertex selection mode select the two vertices you see selected and click on Connect.

Step 9: Two the same think for the right vertices and for the other side vertices. You should repeat step 8 four times.

Step 10: Select the edge you see selected and click on Ring.

Step 11: Now connect the ringed edges with 1 segment and a Slide of -75.

Step 12: In Polygon selection mode select the polygons you see selected below and click on Detach. Rename the object to Cap or whatever you want and click OK.

Step kamagra oral jelly 13: Select the new Detached object and using the Select and Move tool to the left. From the Modifier list add a Shell modifier and change the Inner Amount to 0.15cm.

Step 14: From the Modifier list add a Smooth modifier and check the box for AutoSmooth.

Step 15: Select the first object again, go in Border selection mode, select the border and click on Cap.

Step 16: In Polygons selection mode select the new caped polygon. Inset it with an amount of 0.15cm.

Step 17: Extrude the same polygon with an amount of 0.25cm.

Step 18: Inset the polygon again with an amount of 0.1cm.

Step 19: Select the two edges you see selected and click on Loop.

Step 20: Chamfer the looped edges with an amount of 0.01cm and 4 Segments.

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  1. RYU MOLES says:

    a wonderful work of art.

  2. ERic says:

    nice tutorial….keep it up!! GOdbless you

  3. Amr Boghdady says:

    Great tutorial!
    I’m trying to learn more about polygon modeling, cause in the past I’ve been concentrating on NURBs only.
    Thanks for sharing mate

  4. Melissa says:

    Thank you so much for this tutorial! I will try your other tutorials too =)

  5. Ghossoub says:

    good job

  6. bearsespala says:

    Wow this is a great resource.. I’m enjoying it.. good article

  7. Paul says:

    Very nice! Some parts are really usefull to use in my next projects!

  8. big O says:

    that was a realy good tutorial… big thnx mate ;)

  9. Mick J says:

    Thanks for this Tut, easy to follow and clearly explained.

    Just one point, I think a small chamfer applied to the sharp edges around the end of the USB stick and the open end of the cap would improve the final render, giving the edges a bit of a highlight.

  10. Mick J says:

    My last comment should have said larger chamfer

  11. Brijesh Sugathan says:

    It is an amazing tutorial ……………

  12. Brijesh Sugathan says:

    Thanks Very much ……………….

  13. Coz says:

    Great Work. keep it up

  14. sudhakar says:

    Nice work,thankyou very much

  15. rathinchandran says:

    amasing..iam hapy thank u so mach

  16. Isaac Majdi says:

    Great tutorial, in step 45 you meant to say “shift” not “ctrl” ;)

  17. aditi chaurasia says:

    amazing tutorials.. pissed off ppl its worth learning it from here… no wonder, 3ds max is a nightmare for the learners…

  18. JonnyB says:

    good tutorial, thankyou so much for taking the time to do this…

    a few minor points… if i was picking the program up from scratch i would have struggled, I needed to do another tutorial to fully understand what you meant sometimes, mostly with the menu systems and options that weren’t quite apparent. maybe you could think ‘how could somebody be so stupid, it’s obvious’ perhaps it would be better to fully describe which buttons to click on and where to find them each time. annoying i know but just a way to make a good tutorial great. Luckily I had an expert sat next to me so I could ask questions.

    Anyway thanks so much, really appreciate it.

  19. rafay says:

    hi its a fantastic tutorial.. i hve learnt a lot from it :)

  20. shingekido says:

    its good model i already try this tutorial, thanx for making it

  21. Tharanga says:

    Pure Tutorial. Really works. Thanks for the great job!!!

  22. Xiao Hei says:

    @Author, Thank You very much for this excellent tutorial!

    I messed up a bit with the logo material, but will try again and see if I can get it right.

    I had a question regarding the render setup. Do you usually use this setup for most of your renders? I mean, there are so many options in that Vray rollout, it would take a really long time to figure them out one by one. So, do you use similar settings for most of your renders?

    I’m a beginner. Thanks again.

    • alex says:

      Hi Xiao, thanks for appreciating my work. Anyway about the settings, when i’m making tutorials i usually use same settings because it will take a long time to experiment with other settings and try different results…Regards

  23. Step 45: You meant press Shift, not CTRL, I think :)

  24. alex says:

    of course, thanks for pointing this out :)

  25. Spidermend says:

    I completed the USB stick model without issue. Thank you !
    I added few more detail to the model by myself. It looks great!

  26. Valkyrie says:

    Wonderful tutorial, thank you very much for providing us with this tutorial but I am facing a problem.

    Whenever I am applying the logo material to the 2 polygons, the logo is not coming the way you shown in the picture. In my side, the kingston logo is coming parallel to the polygons. Please tell me where am I doing it wrong.

  1. Derrick