How to model a Table and a Chair with 3ds Max

3ds model table chair
3ds model table chair
In this 3d modeling tutorial i will show you how to create a Chair and a Table using 3ds Max 2011. At bottom of tutorial you will find link to download sample of this tutorial in .max, .3ds, .obj formats. Step 1: In Front viewport from Create, Geometry create a new plane with the Length of 46cm and the Width of 41cm. Set the Length and the Width Segments to 1. Right click on the plane and select Convert to> Convert to Editable Poly.

Step 2: In the Modify tab select Edge selection mode and select the top edge. Click the button next to Extrude, change the Height amount to -42cm and the Width amount to 0cm.

Step 3: Extrude the same edge only this time change the Height to 30cm.

Step 4: Go in the Right viewport(press “V” to change viewports) and using the Select and Move tool move the top two vertices(press “1” on your keyboard to go to Vertex selection mode) 5cm to the right in the X axis direction.

Step 5: Again, in Edge selection mode, hold down SHIFT and using the Select and Move tool copy the top edge one more time.

Step 6: Select the outer edges(9 edges) and click on Create Shape From Selection, select Linear and click OK. You can Delete the plane now.

Step 7: Select the new created shape, click on Vertex selection mode in Modify tab, and select the 4 vertices you see selected below. Scroll down in Geometry rollout menu until you see Fillet, change the Fillet amount to 2 and press Enter.

Step 8: Now select the top 4 vertices, right click on the screen and convert them to Corner. Change the Fillet amount to 3 and press Enter.

Step 9: In the Geometry rollout menu click on Create Line and create a new line in the Front viewport like you see below. Left click to start and continue the line, right click to end it. Position the new create line in the Left viewport and move the bottom vertices to the left.

Step 10: Select the top 2 vertices from the new created line. Fillet them with an amount of 2cm.

Step 11: From the Rendering rollout menu check the box for Enable in Renderer and Enable in Viewport. Change the Type to Radial, the Thickness amount to 2.0cm and the Sides to 24.

Step 12: Another way to convert our selection to editable poly is to right click on Editable Spline and select Editable Poly.

Step 13: Click on Polygon selection mode and select the polygons I”ve selected below, click and drag over them with any selection tool. After you”ve selected them from Edit Geometry rollout menu click on Hide Unselected to hide to rest of the unselected polygons.

Step 14: In front viewport, from Create, Shapes create a new Rectangle with the Length of 2.2cm, the Width of 43.2cm and the Corner Radius of 1.0cm. Using the Select and Move tool position the new created rectangle to fit our chair frame.

Step 15: From Modifier List add an Extrude Modifier and change the Amount to 5.0cm.

Step 16: Now add an Edit Poly modifier and in Polygons selection mode

Delete the front and the back polygons.

Step 17: Add another modifier, this time the Shell modifier and change the Outer amount to 0.1cm.

Step 18: In Top viewport using the Select and Move tool move our and other drugs of abuse can alter dopamine function. selection

fit the chair frame. Hold down Shift and move the selection up to copy it. Change the Number online slots of copies to 5 and click OK.

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