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How to model a DVD Player with 3ds Max

dvd philips player 3ds model

dvd philips player 3ds model

Hi everyone, from this tutorial we will learn how to create a DVD Player Philips. We wee learn how to model the player, create materials and apply textures and we will also learn how to create a nice render. At bottom of tutorial you will find link to download sample of this tutorial in .max, .3ds, .obj formats. Let”s move on.Empire Wedding Dresses store

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Step 1: From Create, Shapes select the Rectangle and create a new Rectangle with the Interpolation Steps number of 8, the Length of 18cm, the Width of 201cm and a Corner Radius of 5cm. As you can see there are not the exact measurements of the DVD Player, I”ve made it bigger to navigate more easy in the viewports.

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Step 2: In the Modify tab, from the Modifier list add an Extrude modifier with the amount of 130cm. Right click on the screen and Convert the object to Editable Poly.

Note: Press “V” on your keyboard to switch between viewports.

Step 3: Go in Polygon selection mode, select the front polygon and Inset it with an amount of 1.7cm by clicking on the square next to Inset.

Step 4: Extrude the same polygon with an amount of -3.0cm.

Step 5: Inset again with an amount of 1.0cm.

Step 6: With the same polygon selected click on Detach to detach the polygon. Change the name in Detach as to “Front”, check the box for Detach as Clone and click OK.

Step 7: Press “H” to select from scene, or select it form the toolbar, select the Front object and click OK to select it. Change it”s color to green or something by clicking on the colored square in the top right corner.

Step 8: Center the Pivot to the object by going in Hierarchy, clicking on Affect Pivot only to activate it and clicking on Center to Objects.

Step 9: Using the Select and Move tool move the Front object outside a little bit.

Step 10: Go in polygon selection mode and Inset the polygon with an amount of 0.5cm like you see below.

Step 11: Go in Vertex selection move and select the 2 vertices marked below and click on Connect to create a edge between them. Do the exact same thing on the right side.

Step 12: Using the Cut tool create new edges as you see below. To make a Cut click on a vertex from one side and after that click on anther vertex from the other side. Be careful to make the cuts from vertex to vertex not from edge to vertex….

Step 13: Make 3 new cuts on each corner as you see below.

Step 14: From Create, Shapes make a new NGon with 8 side and a Radius of 3.0cm and position it like you see below. We will use this as a reference to create our buttons.

Step 15: Select these 6 edges and Connect them with 1 segment and a Slide of 99.

Step 16: Create one more edge, either by connecting edges, either by cutting them and position them like you see below.

Step 17: Create another edge like you see below.

Step 18: Make a Ring selection like you see below. Select one edge and click on Ring. After that Connect them with 1 segments.

Step 19: Using Cut create these 4 new edges. Remember, Cut from Vertex from Vertex.

Step 20: Select the middle vertex and Chamfer it with an amount of 3cm.

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  1. Awesome tutorial. I am not into 3D but my friend is and she loved it. She might give it a try. she is in her learning stage.

  2. ANIBAL says:

    Gracias. El tutorial lo he traducido al español y me ha servido de mucho. No se inglés pero con la forma como explicas me ha sido suficiente para aprender algo de 3dmax. No tengo conocimientos de este software pero estoy haciendo el intento por aprender. Gracias una vez mas.

    The tutorial I have translated it into Spanish and has helped me a lot. No English but with the way you explain me was enough to learn something from 3dmax. I have no knowledge of this software but I’m making the effort to learn. Thanks again.

  3. Dominic says:

    Im a programmer not a 3d artist but the tutorial looks great, very interesting.

  4. amalan says:

    Very nice tutorial Thanks.

  5. Luis says:

    Very cool result…thanks for this.

  6. MAX says:

    Nice one. But what is the font you used for HDMI word or letter ?

  7. Spidermend says:

    Thank you for the tutorial.
    You teach me how to use VRay plane and metal brush effect.
    I spend some times in making the HDMI and USB logo. I think this kind of logo is useful in other product. I will try to find out how to export it into separated file and use it in another model.