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How to model a Digital Photo Frame with 3ds Max

Digital photo frame LG

Digital photo frame LG

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Hi again, if you will read this tutorial you will learn how to create a Digital Photo Frame. The entire process will be covered, how to model, texture, create materials and render with VRay.  At bottom of tutorial you will find link to download sample of this tutorial in .max, .3ds, .obj formats. Let”s move on.

Step 1:  Open or Reset 3ds Max to start this tutorial. From Create> Shapes create a Rectangle with 11 Interpolation steps, the Length of 40.0cm, the Width of 49.0cm and the Corner Radius of 3.5cm. After you”ve created the Rectangle right click on the screen and Convert it to Editable Poly.

Note: This is not real world size of the frame.

Step 2: In the Modify tab go to Polygon selection mode. Select the Polygon(we only have one) and Extrude it with an amount of 0.3cm by clicking the box next to Extrude like you see below.

Step 3: Now Bevel the same polygon with an Height amount of 0.5cm and an Outline amount of -0.6cm.

Step 4: With the last beveled polygon selected click on Detach, check the box for Detach As Clone, change the Name to Front and click OK.

Step 5: Go in Border selection mode, select the Border, we only have one, and click on Cap to create the back polygon.

Step 6: Select the new caped polygon and Detach it as Clone, change it”s name to Back.

Step 7: With our first created object selected right click on the screen and click on Hide Unselected. Doing this we will hide the Front and the Back objects. We will unhide them later when we will work on them.

Step 8: Select the front and the back polygons of our object (not the detached ones) and Inset them like you see below with an amount of 0.3cm.

Step 9: Make a loop selection of the edges, select one of them from each line and click on Loop. After that Chamfer the edges with an amount of 0.075cm and 3 Segments.

Step 10: Right click on the screen and click Unhide all to unhide all of our objects. Select the Front object and again Hide Unselected to hide everything else.

Step 11: Select the left and the right edge and Connect the with 2 Segments and a Pinch of 80.

Step 12: With the new create edges selected Connect them to with 2 Segments and a Pinch of 70.

Step 13: Select the middle Polygon, click on Detach, change it”s name to Display and click OK. Hide it as you”ve learned by now. Also remember to delete the Polygon intersecting with the Display from the Middle object. The middle object is our first create object from witch we detached the Front and the Back.

Step 14: Inset the 4 polygons i”ve selected like you see below with an amount of 0.2cm.

Step 15: From the Modifier list add a Shell modifier with the Outer amount of 015cm, right click on the screen and Convert the object to editable poly or simply right click on the modifier and chose Collapse to…

Step 16: By now you should now how to make a Loop selection. Make one like i”ve made below. Chamfer the edges with an amount of 0.05cm and 3 Segments.

Step 17: Unhide all, select the Back object and Hide Unselected. Go in polygon selection mode and Bevel the Back polygon with an Height amount of 1.5cm and an Outline amount of -0.8cm.

Step 18: Inset the same polygon with an amount of 1.5cm.

Step 19: Make a loop selection of the edges and Chamfer the with an amount of 1.3cm and 8 Segments.

Step 20: In Border selecti0n mode, select the border and Cap it.

Step 21: Inset the caped polygon with an amount of 0.3cm like below.

Step 22: Make a Loop selection of the edges like i”ve did and Chamfer them with an amount of 0.15cm and 3 Segments.

Step 23: From the Modifier list add a Smooth Modifier to of Back object and check the box for Auto Smooth. Add this modifier also to the Middle and the Front objects.

Step 24: Right click and Unhide all of the objects.

Step 25:  To see the object in the viewport more easy you can assign a different color to every one of them by clicking on the small colored square in the top right corner. Simply select an object click on the square, select the color and click OK.

Step 26: To create the Holder of the Frame, from Create, Shapes create a Circle with the Radius of 10.0cm. Check the Boxes for Enable in Renderer and Viewport, change the Type to Rectangular, change buy cialis the Length to 0.5cm the Width to 3.0cm. Convert the Circle to Editable Poly.

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  1. Natalia says:


  2. SageCZ says:

    What a perfect tutorial again ! :)

  3. csabi says:

    Hi! You have lot`s of great tutorials!
    I`we just started a tutorial indexing website and I would like to ask you to submit some tutorials :D
    You can submit tutorials without registering, but if you register you will get gift points for each tutorial and you can yse these points to buy ads.

    Please visit it:

  4. George Brown says:

    Thanks!, modeling in Max took the longest, about 2-3 hours including unwrap. About 3 min to render after that.

    thanx man great tutorial

  5. Spidermend says:

    Thank you for the tutorial.
    This exercise is suitable for beginner. Less challenge than making the iPhone. The back side of the unit was simplifed so less work to be done.
    I learned some valuable experience in this tutorial:
    1) How to make protruded logo and text. Fun!!
    2) How to create a key button dome with printing, goood!
    3) How to make lighted key buttons by using editable spline.

    Just two issue I want to mention.
    Firstly, I don’t know the purpose of “Relax” in step 76. After clicking relax, the red mesh keep rotating and never stop. I didn’t use the “Relax”, just drag the mesh and align it with the bitmap to get the thing done.
    Secondly, the “weld” vertices in step 55 made the arc deformed, not concentric any more. I don’t know how to do it better.