How to model a Chinese Table Set with 3ds Max

3ds max chinese table set
3ds max chinese table set

In this tutorial i will show you how to create a Chinese Table Set with 3ds Max and Vray.

I will model the, the chopsticks holder, a bowl, a plate, a plateau and a table rug. After you finish this tutorial your image should be similar with the one above. If you follow this tutorial well you should achieve an image like the one above. At bottom of tutorial you will find link to download sample of this tutorial in .max, .3ds, .obj formats.

Step 1: First we will create the chopsticks. So in front viewport, form Create, Geometry create a plane with 2 Length and Width segments and the Length and Width amount should be 0.6cm. Right click to convert the plane to Editable Poly.

Note: Press “V” on your keyboard to switch between viewports.

Step 2: In Modify tab go to edge selection mode and using the Connect or Cut tool create the edges you see i have selected bellow. To make a cut simply click where to start and where to end. To connect edges, select 2 or more edges and click on Connect.

Step 3: In Vertex selection mode select the corner vertices and using the Select and Scale tool scale the vertices down a little bit in X and Y axis direction. You can see the amount of scaling at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4: Add a Shell modifier and change the Inner amount to 23cm.

Step 5: Convert the object to Editable Poly. Right click, Convert to> Convert to Editable Poly. Go in vertex selection mode and select the vertices from one end of the object. Using the Select and Scale tool scale down the vertices to 40.

Step 6: Select all the middle edges and click on the little box next to connect. Connect the edges with to segments and a Pinch of 99.

Step 7: Go in polygon selection mode and press CTRL A to select them all. In Polygon: Smoothing groups rollout menu first click on Clear All to reset the existing smoothing groups and after that click on 1 to apply a smoothing group.

Step 8: It”s time to create the chopsticks holder. In front viewport from Create, Geometry create a Cylinder with the Radius amount of 0.5cm and the Height of 4.0cm. Change the Height segments to 2, the Cap segments to 1, and the Sides to 20.

Step 9: Convert to Cylinder to Editable Poly and in Polygon selection mode select the end polygons. Inset them with an amount of 0.05cm.

Step 10: Create the

middle edges or vertices and scale them down using the Select and Scale tool to 45.

Step 11: Chamfer the middle edges with an amount of 0.4cm and 1 segments.

Step 12: Select the middle polygons and Extrude them with an amount of -0.06cm and change the extrusion type to Local Normal.

Step 13: Using the Loop tool in edge selection mode make a loop selection of the edge you see selected below. Chamfer them with an amount of 0.015cm and 1 segment.

Step 14: From the Modifier list add a Smooth modifier. Check the Box for Auto Smooth.

Step 14: We will create the bowl now. From Create, Shapes create a Line like the one you see below.

Step 16: In vertex selection mode use the Fillet tool and Fillet the vertices as you see below. To apply a fillet simply click on it to activate it, click and drag on the vertex to apply it.

Step 17: From the Modifier list add a Lathe modifier. Check the box for Weld Core and change the number of segments to 48.

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