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How to create a Kids Room with 3ds Max

Hi everyone, this is another tutorial about interior design.Cheap Long Prom Dresses
From this tutorial you will learn how to create a Room for kids. We will not be creating to many details, only the important parts as you see above. At bottom of tutorial you will find link to download sample of this tutorial in .max, .3ds, .obj formats. Let”s move on.

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Step 1: We will start this tutorial by modeling the Chair. So, open or Reset 3ds Max and from Create, Shapes create a new Rectangle with 10 Interpolations steps, the Length 50.0cm, the Width 45.0cm and the corner Radius 4.0cm. Right click on the screen and Convert it to Editable Spline.

Step 2: In the Modify tab check the box for Enable in Renderer and Viewport, change the Type to Radial, the Thickness between 1.0cm and 1.5cm and change the number of Side to 12.

Step 3: From the Modifier List add an FFD 2x2x2 modifier. Select the bottom right Control Points and move the to the right using the Select and Move tool.

Step 4: Holding down SHIFT and using the Select and Move tool make a Clone of the object. Move them apart by the amount you want or think it”s right.

Step 5: From Create, Geometry create a Plane with the Width and Length depending on how far apart are the to legs from each other. Convert the Plane to Editable Poly.

Step 6: Go in the Modify tab, select the Edge selection mode, select the edge i”ve selected and Extrude it with an amount of -5.0cm and the Base Width of 0.0cm.

Step 7: Select the same edge, not the one resulted from extrude, and Chamfer it with an amount of 3.0cm and 2 Segments.

Step 8: Select the back edge and also Extrude it with an amount of 40.0cm and a Base Width of 0.0cm.

Step 9: In the Front viewport select the top Vertices and using the Select and Move tool move them to the right a little bit.

Step 10: Now using the Select and Scale tool, select the top 2 vertices and scale

them down to 85 in the X axis direction.

Step 11: Chamfer the back corner edge with an amount of 5.0cm and 3 Segemnts.

Step 12: Select the edges i”ve selected below and Connect them with 6 Segments.

Step 13: In Vertex selection mode select the vertices you see selected below and from the Modifier list apply an FDD 3x3x3 to them.

Step 14: In the Top viewport

select the middle Control Points and using the Select and Move tool move them to the right.

Step 15: To the same thing to the top middle Control Points only this time move them up.

Step 16: Right click on the FDD modifier and chose Collapse to, in the Pop-up window click on Yes. You can also Convert the Object to Editable Poly instead of doing this.

Step 17: Apply another FDD 3x3x3 modifier only this time to the bottom vertices. Move the middle Control Points down.

Step 18: Connect the edges you see selected with 3 Segments.

Step 19: Again, select the edges i”ve selected and Chamfer them with an amount of 2.0cm and1 Segment.

Step 20: Go in Polygon selection mode, select 3 polygons and Inset them with an amount of 0.3cm. After the Inset press Del on your keyboard to Delete them.

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  1. Casper says:

    Hi, I was wondering what kind of settings you used for this project, becease my Chair is bigger then my work plane. My units are in cm. What did I wrong?

    Greetz. Casper

  2. rafay says:

    i dont have vray sky in 3d max 2009 :(

    plz guide me

    • Richard says:

      You’re You can try Mental Ray.

    • alex says:

      Then uncheck the window VRayLight setting for Skylight portal and check the Invisible box. Play with the multiplier of the light until you achieve something nice. Hope this helps.


  3. Manly Stump says:

    I really enjoyed this tutorial, except for a couple of niggling things. I had a lot of trouble with the wall and window (I think your advice for people unfamiliar with using windows was a little bare). Also at the end of page one there’s no mention of deleting the polygons in the chair, and yet at the beginning of page two they’ve gone; and for the bump map on the mattress material the “this image (click to open)” doesn’t actually have a link on it!

    Very good tutorial though, 4/5 stars

    • Richard says:

      The blotchy textures on the walls are solved by detaching the walls from each other and placing the texture onto each one.

    • alex says:

      Thanks for pointing this mistakes out! I’ve fixed them!


  4. Farrukh says:

    hello man your work is great.
    amazing thanks for share this

  5. linhos says:

    thanks for sharing!! great tutorial

    • rafay says:

      my question is when the room is covered with box from top to bottom then how the light comes in room and making the rooom brighter?? plzz give me answer

      • Richard says:

        You need to cut a shape into one of the walls to allow light to come in.

      • alex says:

        As Richard said, if your room is created from a box you need to add some geometry to the box using Cut, Connect, Inset,etc to create the edges of the window, after you did this delete the polygon where your window should be. Hope this helps.


  6. Prince Dx says:

    In step 72 how to open Bump map (texture) link not work

  7. Richard says:

    Just one thing that bothers me. Everytime I render the scene the light changes in intensity. It’s never constant.

  8. aditi chaurasia says:

    i tried ur kids room interior myself… but alex, while i want to chamfer the edges, i m not able to apply the segments like wht u described in ur tutorial… is thr any way out for it?? i m actually using MAX 9… and a classic verison of it…so could u pls help me out??? i m stuck..!!

    • Richard says:

      You have to click on the small box next to chamfer and place the number of segments and click OK.

      • okay… but Richard, i m using max9 and not max 2009… and thrs no option for applying segments along chamfer ..its just tht i can only apply the amount of chamfer i wanna make …and thrs no “segments” option seen, thrs not even “a small box next to chamfer”.. :(

  9. E says:

    I’m stuck on making the cabinet part. I got the chamfer the middle sections. Now I can’t make the sides and top. The connect with slide is confusing. Can anyone help me out? When I click on that it makes a polygon… that is. The side is triangulated and then i have a bunch of new polygon faces, not just a square. The segments suppose to get joined together right?


    Help please.
    Thanks in advance.

    • alex says:

      Hi E, please tell me exactly where do you get stuck, i mean what step and i will try to help you. Regards.

      • E says:

        I can’t make the ends and tops of the cabinet. I’m not sure I’m using the connect with slide tool properly.

        I can make the box (big rectangle with 5 divisions). Check.
        I select the 4 segments of each division (total of 20) and hit chamfer. It gives it a “thickness” to extrude later right?.

        Than I get to the ends and tops and can’t make those.

        .. I skipped this step for now and went through the rest. Now my vray rendering is all blue. Lights must be on way to high?

        Thanks for the help, much appreciated.

        • E says:

          Step 44.

          • alex says:

            Hi E, let me try to explain to you exactly what you should do.
            1. Create a Box with 5 Length segments.
            2. Chamfer the edges.
            these 2 steps you completed.
            3. Select one horizontal edge from the right side, press Ring to select other 3 edges as well and press Connect. Change the Slide amount to move the new created edge to the side. Do the exact thing on the left side.
            4. Select any vertical edge, press Ring and again Connect only this time with 2 segments and a big Pinch amount.
            5. Extrude the polygons
            6. Chamfer all the edges.

            The lights are only skylight portals, witch means they don’t have a multiplier amount. Try playing with the VraySky multiplier.


          • E says:

            Thanks alex! Got it down now. :D

  10. Bors Belilovsky says:

    Iv’e been going through the tutorials on your website, and I have to say – they’re really great.
    Starting off with a lot of detail on every step, slowly letting the reader to complete smaller steps on his own.
    I usually found myself lacking any confidence to try and model something in 3Ds max, and your tutorials were a great help for me on that cause, thanks a lot!!

  11. Maboox says:

    thanks for this training
    very very nice

  12. skratzpaper says:

    i followed all the instructions regarding the lights set-up on vray but my rendering output is not bright as your image.what went wrong?

  13. Spidermend says:

    Hello Alex, thanks for your nice tutorial. For a beginner like me, I can finish it without big issue except the lighting part. Unlike skratzpaper, I got the output image too bright.
    I found the brightness of the room without sunlight was controlled by the VRaySky parameter but nothing related to the Vraylight. May be the “Skylight portal” make it different. When the sun turn on the overall brightness of the room will be boosted up. It become far more difficult to adjust the end result. Most of the time it was too bright or too dark.
    You created a good leason for me to do something like interior design. Especially the soft stuff like the mattress, but I cannot make it a cloth feeling at last. It just like a foam.
    I have something for you, my floor was not shiny even follow your step. I need to change the reflect color to dark grey at step 63, oh… the glossy is back. If the color totally black then no reflection can be seen.

  14. Mehrdad says:

    hi alex…great tutorial
    but one question….in your last render there is a tree outside the window
    how should I do it?

  15. Getz says:

    Can you please tell me why is my final render result black ?

    I did everything by the tutorial, trying with different exposure settings, etc. Its always black… the light and material parameters are ok. The vray settings also. I dont see the solution to the problem…please help me Alex!

    • Getz says:

      Dont bother…the window polygon was not setup as it should have been in the 1st place. I managed to figure it out. Great tutorial, thanks! :)

  16. medo says:

    many thanks for the great tut

  17. Christopher says:

    Nice tut friend! learned much needed skills.