How to create a Kids Room with 3ds Max

Hi everyone, this is another tutorial about interior design.
From this tutorial you will learn how to create a Room for kids. We will not be creating to many details, only the important parts as you see above. At bottom of tutorial you will find link to download sample of this tutorial in .max, .3ds, .obj formats. Let”s move on.

Step 1: We will start this tutorial by modeling the Chair. So, open or Reset 3ds Max and from Create, Shapes create a new Rectangle with 10 Interpolations steps, the Length 50.0cm, the Width 45.0cm and the corner Radius 4.0cm. Right click on the screen and Convert it to Editable Spline.

Step 2: In the Modify tab check the box for Enable in Renderer and Viewport, change the Type to Radial, the Thickness between 1.0cm and 1.5cm and change the number of Side to 12.

Step 3: From the Modifier List add an FFD 2x2x2 modifier. Select the bottom right Control Points and move the to the right using the Select and Move tool.

Step 4: Holding down SHIFT and using the Select and Move tool make a Clone of the object. Move them apart by the amount you want or think it”s right.

Step 5: From Create, Geometry create a Plane with the Width and Length depending on how far apart are the to legs from each other. Convert the Plane to Editable Poly.

Step 6: Go in the Modify tab, select the Edge selection mode, select the edge i”ve selected and Extrude it with an amount of -5.0cm and the Base Width of 0.0cm.

Step 7: Select the same edge, not the one resulted from extrude, and Chamfer it with an amount of 3.0cm and 2 Segments.

Step 8: Select the back edge and also Extrude it with an amount of 40.0cm and a Base Width of 0.0cm.

Step 9: In the Front viewport select the top Vertices and using the Select and Move tool move them to the right a little bit.

Step 10: Now using the Select and Scale tool, select the top 2 vertices and scale

them down to 85 in the X axis direction.

Step 11: Chamfer the back corner edge with an amount of 5.0cm and 3 Segemnts.

Step 12: Select the edges i”ve selected below and Connect them with 6 Segments.

Step 13: In Vertex selection mode select the vertices you see selected below and from the Modifier list apply an FDD 3x3x3 to them.

Step 14: In the Top viewport

select the middle Control Points and using the Select and Move tool move them to the right.

Step 15: To the same thing to the top middle Control Points only this time move them up.

Step 16: Right click on the FDD modifier and chose Collapse to, in the Pop-up window click on Yes. You can also Convert the Object to Editable Poly instead of doing this.

Step 17: Apply another FDD 3x3x3 modifier only this time to the bottom vertices. Move the middle Control Points down.

Step 18: Connect the edges you see selected with 3 Segments.

Step 19: Again, select the edges i”ve selected and Chamfer them with an amount of 2.0cm and1 Segment.

Step 20: Go in Polygon selection mode, select 3 polygons and Inset them with an amount of 0.3cm. After the Inset press Del on your keyboard to Delete them.

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